Don’t Need the Protection – Amazon’s Ill-Advised Censorship

In my entire 30+ years of life, I have never been accosted by a book. Nor has a book ever threatened my life, my livelihood, my family, or my well-being. Even the most questionable passages of the printed word (hello,, I’m looking at you) have failed to cause any lasting mental damage. At worst, I’ve had to stare, perplexed, as I tried to unravel someone else’s totally incomprehensible prose. In short: does not need to protect me from the GLBT fiction that may be lurking on its site. I’m fine on my own, thanks, looking at reviews, reading excerpts and making my own decisions based on whatever factors move me at the time.

Sadly, I don’t get that choice. Apparently, Amazon has been pulling books from ranking on its site based upon the GLBT content/tags/gods only know what else. It’s sad, it’s disappointing, and it’s also very damned annoying. I keep hoping that somehow, we as a people are getting past this kind of bullshit. Even if it’s 987 pages of pure smut, it’s still just sex. Everyone does it in some form or fashion. It is not a new invention, it can’t leap out of the pages and molest you, and if you’re offended you can just Put. The. Book. Down. Close it – it can’t follow you and hover in front of your face and force itself upon you. Why be offended?

Right now, there are authors who are seeing a detrimental impact on their livelihood because someone over at Amazon is out to ‘protect’ us from their work. Whether they backtrack all over themselves remains to be seen, but it’s a sad day that they even have any backtracking to do. Seeing the venues for having our writing available to the public as they are deliberately restricted just makes my work on Ishtar all the more important to me. We will be online, and we will not censor our writers. There’s no Amazon Rank to be pulled here – and at least that’s something I can do to Protect Our Rights.

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